OPM SPEEDOMETER :Magnetic proximity sensor set


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Ultra-compact speedometer with 3 indicator lamps.
In addition to the basic functions of speed and trip and odo, it is equipped with a voltmeter and 3 LED indicators (available for speed warning light, neutral light, FI or 2-cycle oil warning).
Switchable to miles.

OPM SPEEDOMETER : Magnetic proximity sensor set (Reacts with magnetic metal or N pole of magnet ), General purpose

●Speed: ~360km/h (~200MPH)
●Volt meter: 8V~18V
●Display:7Segx4 Green LED
●With Touch sensor (Right front)
●Size: W57mm×H29mm×D10mm
●Waterproof cord:IP66
●Operating voltage:DC10~16V

①Red:FI or OIL Check 
③Blue:Speed alarm


  • 型號: M1203
  • 重量: 0.15克
  • 廠商: OPMID

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